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Standard Agregates

For landscaping and construction projects. We sell and deliver aggregates to meet your needs. We serve all the GTA.


Natural and manufactured sands. Applications: concrete & asphalt manufacturing, bedding for pipes, in beach and golf course construction, and to provide safety on icy roads.


Loose aggregation of rock fragments, different sizes and colours. Applications: surfacing, landscaping and construction projects.

Oversized Stones

Screened from sand and gravel pits or blasted at quarries.
Applications: landscaping & decorative features, retaining walls and erosion control.

Specialized Aggregates

Recycled Aggregate

Using recycled aggregates diverts material away from landfills in addition to preserving and extending natural aggregate reserves. Recycled aggregates contribute to building a more secure supply to the market for our customers.

Cement Treated Aggregate

Subbase for paving stones. Sustainable base material that combines the strength of concrete and the permeability of a granular for a reliable base that holds up against freeze-thaw heaving, gaps and grass growth.

Lightweight Aggregate

The low weight per volume means you need less material by weight than for standard fills. Lightweight fill can also provide insulation and frost protection when used as a base under concrete or asphalt.

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